Ways to qualify for a Barko Loan

If you are a person in need of a small amount of money and willing to pay it in a short period of time then Barko Loans is just what you need to fulfil your financial needs.

Barko Loans is an authorised Financial Services Provider based in South Africa its basic function is to help people who are in need of a loan to complete a certain goal. Barko Loans offers up to R3000 for its new qualifying clients and up to R8000 for already existing clients, Barko Loans main focus is to offer personal loans that you will have to pay in a period of 30 days and the loan will have to be paid in only one instalment.

Barko Loans/BFS is a trustworthy FSP that has been helping needy South Africans for years giving many people hope.

Here are Ways To Qualify For Barko Loans

  1. Firstly you must be a person who is employed in a stable job and must be receiving a payslip.
  2. Barko Loans will request the following documents.:
    • South African Identification Document (ID) or Passports that’s valid.
    • Your latest payslip either the past month or current months in order to verify that you are getting a salary.
    • Bank statement from past 3 months
    • Banking card that you used to get your bank statements will also be requested for validation and to properly capture your account number.
  3. Government grant beneficiaries will not qualify for a Barko Loan because Barko Loans are prohibited by the law.
  4. Barko Loans only helps people who get paid their salary monthly, you won’t be helped if you get paid weekly or on a fortnight.

New Barko Loans clients should know that BFS won’t allow them to apply for a loan online; they must visit their nearest branch but the online option is available for already existing clients who want to apply for a Barko Loan in the comfort of their home.

For those people who want to apply for Barko Loans but seem skeptical to visit the branch due to the long time that application usually take they should know that it only takes just a couple of minutes to apply for a Barko Loan and when you have the required documents mentioned above your loan will surely be approved.

Barko Loan

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