Automatically Save your Money with Capitec Bank Live Better Savings Feature

Capitec has introduced a Capitec Bank Live Better savings, to assist its customers to save money in an easy and smart way. Capitec understands it’s the difficult times for everyone. People are faced with financial constraints which makes it hard to save. If you are a Capitec customer and you have not yet activated your Live Better savings account, you better active it now to start saving.

How does Capitec Bank Live Better savings work

With Capitec Bank Live Better savings, you save whenever you sweep with your card, Capitec will round up each purchase and automatically transfer the difference into your account. This means every time when you sweep your card like you normally would, the rounded amount goes straight to your savings, growing your savings. You have an option to select the amount you want to round up, either R2, R5 or even more.

This account is where all your automatic savings accumulate without even thinking about it. All you have to do is to activate your account, switch on the automatic savings tools and start enjoying the benefits.

Benefits of Capitec Bank Live Better savings

The benefits include all automatic savings being transferred into your Live Better savings account where you will earn higher interest than in your main transactional savings account. You have access to it whenever you need it, by simply using the Capitec app to transfer the money from your Live Better savings account to your main transactional savings account.

The best thing about the Live Better savings is that your savings will not expire. Meaning even after years and years you can still enjoy your automatic savings. This is an opportunity for all Capitec customers, it does not matter if you have been with Capitec for a number of years or you just joined a few minutes ago, Capitec believes that everyone should be able to Live Better.

Below is how you can start saving with Live Better Account;

  • Sign in on the Capitec Bank app and tap Live Better Savings
  • Tap Join and accept the agreements
  • Set your automatic savings tools to On
  • Your savings will start growing on autopilot!

Download the Capitec app, activate your Live Better savings account and get ready to move beyond banking with Live Better. Or simply follow the link below to learn more about the Capitec Live Better account.

capitec bank live better

capitec bank live better

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