How to Buy a Car with Nedbank MFC car finance

Are looking to buy a vehicle but do not know where to start, the Nedbank MFC division is there to assist your get that vehicle you have been dreaming about. When you are buying from a private seller, MFC will assist you with doing the administration for you, verification and re-registration of the vehicle.

MFC will also ensure that the multipoint check and roadworthiness test are done by the seller, furthermore ensure that payment is made to the seller or other finance house last make sure that the vehicle has an existing warranty or helping you to buy one.

Nedbank MFC Process

While when you buy from MFC will help you Process your online finance application and sending you the outcome of your application, provide you with a list of trusted MFC dealerships, also ensure that the dealership is paid, lastly Handing over the final application to your selected dealer so they can deliver your vehicle. Step by step, MFC will be there to assist. The first step is to know how you can afford a car, the exact amount this includes insurance and registration costs. MFC has an instalment budget and budget calculator to help you see what you can afford.

Secondly know the car for your needs, you should go all out for it, try different brands even a test drive for complete satisfaction. MFC will be there to assist you with their list of accredited dealerships that can choose from.

Thirdly apply you have to apply for finance, to apply it will take around 30 minutes because it’s a bit of a process you are able to save and continue with the application later, ensure you complete the application. It is important to understand and read all the necessary information on the MFC Netbank division website in order to make the right decision.

Getting insurance is as crucial when buying a new vehicle, so you will need to get all-inclusive insurance on the vehicle. Do note this is compulsory and must run for the full term of the loan. As stated MFC will be there with you every step of the way, even the signing of the contract MFC Before you can assist you to sign a release note, acceptance of delivery confirming that you have received delivery and that you are happy and satisfied with the vehicle.

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