How Can I Get a Loan at Atlas Finance?

Atlas finance provider is a financial provider that is committed to assist clients with loans that best suits their needs. Applying for a loan with Atlas finance is easy with quick steps, you can get an offer of a loan of up to R8, 000, repayment for 1 to 6 months. This depends on the choice of the loan as well as the amount.

How to Apply for a loan at Atlas Finance

To start an application process, all you have up to do is to fill in an online application form which takes a few minutes, then upload a proof of ID/passport, a Proof of income as well as your 3 months latest bank statements.

Atlas will then conduct quick banking, credit check and fraud check. To avoid any delays in getting approval, ensure that you are truthful. Once you are cleared, your cash loan will be sent to your account instantly. In terms of repaying the loan, Atlas will collect a debit order from the bank account you provided and on the specific date of your choice. All you have to do is to ensure that the required money is available on that date.

Twins Atlas financial provide loans that include the maximum affordable loan, where you apply for the highest amount equal to your salary or for your specific need. Some of Atlas financial online cash loans are paid off on your next payday, while others take a longer period to pay. Atlas Finance is a loan provider there to solve all your financial burden.

Benefits of Atlas Finance Loan

The best thing about Atlas finance provider, their loan does not hidden costs, you will know upfront what cost your loan carries, this includes the annual percentage rate of between 36% to 60%, due to that want their clients to live comfortably and consider your ability to repay your short term loan before applying, to avoid non-payments which comes with serious consequences.

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