Capfin Personal Loan

Capfin Personal Loan is one of the most affordable and easy-to-manage loans in South Africa. Capfin offers a loan of up to 50 000 depending on the customer’s affordability.

Capfin Personal Loan benefits

There is a number of reasons why Capfin loans are the best, Capfin loans are transparent with no hidden fees and interest rates with its product loans and services. As a customer you are able to calculate all the cost included before you decide to apply for the Capfin loan, this includes the assessment process.

Why people prefer Capfin Personal Loan

Customers have 24/7 access to their loan account at any time to keep track of the loan. There’s an easy application process, Customers can obtain bank statements directly from their bank, furthermore in the event of death before paying off the loan, Capfin write-off the loan balance free of change, meaning the Capfin death benefit is free and available to new or existing customers.

How to apply for Capfin Loan

Most importantly you will not pay for unexpected expenses.
To apply for a Capfin loan all you need is your South African ID, 3 latest payslips or 3 latest bank statements.If you apply online you can then upload the documents on the Capfin loan website or directly email the documents to the Capfin email address at

Another option you can provide your full name, surname and cellphone for Capfin to call you. Or simply visit the nearest Pep store to inquire to apply.

Capfin Personal Loan

Capfin Personal Loan

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