How does Makanda Personal Loans from R100 to R500 work

Makanda Personal Loans offer loan of a small scale their loans are from as little as R100 to R500, Makanda Personal Loans are not for people who want to do big things like renovating a house etc, they are for people who want to buy data, for transport money to work or even to buy petrol.

How does Makanda Personal Loans work

With Makanda Personal Loans the period for repayment is from 1 day up to 45 days, and if you borrow a capital of R500 and you want to repay it in the 45 day period the total cost will be R781.78, interest will be R37.50, service fee R137.42, initiation fee R75.00, Vat R31.86, and insurance cost R0.00.

How to apply for Makanda Personal Loans

You can apply for our low interest loan anywhere and anytime online, on your mobile device or personal computer and won’t have to leave the comfort of your home or office. Makanda Personal Loan offers a convenient online application process that you can utilise to see how much can you borrow, how much will you be paying back, what is the service fee and the interest of your loan. To apply goto

How long does it take to get the Loan

After submission of your personal loan application Makanda Loans will process your application and if you qualify and get approved, the payout will be made immediately after approval and your loan will reflect in your account as soon, depending on the bank you are using and according to bank transaction policies which can take up to 24 hours.

Makanda Contact Details

You can contact Makanda on the following details:
Phone: +27 (012) 111 7078 / 020 0270

Makanda Personal Loans

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