Cashbuild Payment Card how to Apply

If you are looking to renovate your home or build your dream house, Cashbuild can make your dream a reality, with its Cashbuild payment card. Instead of spending years trying to save up money with the bank, you can deposit the money into your Cashbuild payment card to buy the building material all at once.

Benefits of Cashbuild Payment Card

The best thing about Cashbuild hardware is that you get everything you need in one store including furniture, tools, decorations even products to assist you with your DIY project. To register for the Cashbuild payment card you must have a cell phone number on your Cashbuild Payment card and provide Cashbuild with a copy of your ID. Once you receive the card you must immediately create a secret PIN which you will be able to deposit funds, make purchases or request refunds on the store system.

As the owner of the Cashbuild payment card you will have access to the account at any Cashbuild Store and through the internet to check balance. To make transact on the account ensure that you have your registered cell phone and PIN.

How to protect your Cashbuild Payment Card

Cash build always ensure the protection of its customers against fraudulent so the customer must therefore:

  • Take proper care of the card and take reasonable steps to prevent it from being lost, stolen and/or used wrongfully.
  • Ensure that any record of the PIN is kept separate from the card and in a safe place.
  • Never tell anybody who offers to help, including a Cashbuild Employee, the PIN.
  • Never write down or record the PIN.
  • Not allow anyone to obtain knowledge of the PIN

The card is valid from the time it is issued, until it expires or until such an account is closed by you or Cashbuild for whatever reason. More so in the case of you lose the card or it gets stolen or used wrongfully you immediately have to call or go to the nearest Cashbuild Store.

For more details visit the Cashbuild website

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Cashbuild Payment Card

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  • by Sheila Posted October 27, 2021 9:46 am

    i want a cash card not a loan how do i apply because it seems I need to have loan before I can get a card. i just want to deposit a money into it for further use. please assist

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