How to Apply for a Capitec Loan and Get an Offer Based on your Affordability

If you are looking to renovate your house, to pay off your car, or to pay off all those clothing accounts that have been bothering you. Capitec bank is there to help you with a loan that is based on your affordability. The bank has made it simpler for you to get credit.

All you have to do is to get an estimate of an amount you want, using the online platform or by using the Capitec banking app to apply for a loan of up to R250 000.

With the app, you will receive a personalised offer based on what you can afford when paying back the loan. You can also check and choose between the amounts you want, the lowest monthly instalment or the lowest interest rate, starting at 12.9%.

With a Capitec loan, you will receive the best offer based on your credit profile with less fees and at the best possible interest rate. The term affects instalments, therefore it is vital to be sure that you can afford to repay the monthly instalments over the set period.
If you take a loan of up to R250 000 you can pay it back over the period of 1 to 84 months. It can take a few minutes to approve your credit and the money will immediately be available in your account.

The good thing about the loan is that you will pay fixed monthly repayments with interest rates starting from 12.9% depending on the amount you were approved for. With the loan, you can consolidate all your existing loans for easier monthly repayments. Furthermore, when you take the loan you can also add affordable credit insurance, including retrenchment and death cover. The best thing is that you can manage your credit using the Capitec bank app.

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