Get a Capitec Bank Consolidation Loan to Ease your Debt Repayments Monthly

Is it not better to pay a single loan, rather than to pay multiple loans that leave you stressed and penniless each month? It is a high time to consider consolidating your debt with the Capitec bank to help you pay one loan monthly instead of repayment several individual ones.

How does Capitec Bank Consolidate my debts

If you find yourself paying for different stores accounts, credit cards or money lenders, Capitec can resolve your problem by offering you a new single loan to pay off all your other debts and you will be left with just one. Once you consolidate your debt you will pay less monthly, meaning having extra cash in your pockets.

To add Capitec consolidate loan can help you avoid the likelihood of you missing payments or making late payments, the other advantage of consolidating your debts is that it will improve your credit score. Even though consolidating debt might lead you to pay for a longer period with a higher interest rate, or the fact that consolidating short-term debt such as closing account might take longer to pay off.

How does a Capitec Bank Consolidation Loan Helps people

Consolidating your debt Is not only about how long it will take for you to pay back the money however is being able to maintain and protect your good credit profile, while reducing your total monthly repayment. Capitec can offer you a credit of up to R250 000 which is repayable for over 84 months, the loan is based on your affordability.

You can simply apply for Capitec credit by:

  • Get an online credit estimate to check how much you qualify for.
  • SMS your ID number to 30605
  • Visit the Capitec branch near you

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