Tyme Bank Personal Loan with Advance Smart Lending

Tyme Bank Personal Loan is offered in an advance smart lending process were a credit decisioning model and advanced data analytics capabilities are being utilised.

Tyme Bank Personal Loan Instant Decision

Tyme Bank uses its data rich systems to make insightful decisions based on an individual’s application, digital loan application only takes three to five minutes to complete, and can be submitted via the Internet, Mobile App and TymeKiosks.

Tyme Bank Personal Loan Benefits

Tyme Bank Personal Loan is from R10 000 up to R5O OOO and the loan is payable in three terms which are: 24 months, 36 months and 36 months, When you apply for the Tyme Bank Personal Loan and you choose to pay the loan in 12 months you will be eligible to pay low interest rates.

How to apply for a Tyme Bank Loan

There are several ways to apply for Tyme Bank Personal Loan:

  • On Tyme Bank website
  • At a TymeKiosks
  • Mobile App
  • Tyme Bank Internet Banking

Tyme Bank Personal Loan

Tyme Bank Personal Loan

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